The nature of chlorine

  •  Chlorine is still the most popular means of sanitizing swimming pool waters. It does an  excellent job of sanitizing the water – but at a huge cost to public health!!
  • However the European nations have effectively banned its use in many countries esp in swimming pools since long and soon India is also following suit slowly but steadily.  


Chlorine Is :

  • Very toxic
  • Hazardous to handle
  • Dangerous to store( Can be extremely flammable !)
  • A caustic corrosive chemical
  •  chlorine is effective because it attacks anything organic- unfortunately it also attacks the skin., hair., and eyes of people swimming in these chlorinated pools.!!
  • Chlorine when added to water combines with other natural compounds and produces by products called thm’s(Trihalomethanes) which are carcinogenic in nature .
  •  Chlorine has to be purchased/ stored safely and dosed correctly – associated risks of under and over dosing are a    frequent phenomena in swimming pools by operators.

 The ozonation of swimming pools

  • Benefits of ozonation of the swimming pool waters have been evaluated for long.
  • ozone cannot be bought/stored and dosed like chlorine.
  • Ozone is generated on site on demand and is extremely safe.
  • ozone does not produce any by products- leave alone toxic by products.
  • Ozone is 3000 times more powerful than chlorine in sanitizing water.
  • ozone effectively kills all bacteria/ viruses and fungi and leaves no by products.
  • After doing its job of disinfectinng the water ozone rapidly converts itself back to oxygen.
  • ozone is not flammable or hazardous as opposed to chlorine ozone does not cause any health hazards and its use in swimming pools in Europe has been very successful for many decades now.
  • No operator or human error in under or dosing or over dosing unlike chlorine.

The common side effects of chlorine in swimming pool water
Red/burning and itchy eyes… chlorine reacts with ammonia in sweat and urine producing chloramines- which can be damaging to the eyes.

  •  Brittle, listless hair and hair loss.
  • Acne – breakouts can worsen.
  • Irritated, dry and itchy skin- chlorine removes all the essential oils in the sebum.
  • Toxic off gases- typically found in pools just above the water levels- causing ingress of these thms into the lungs and induces coughing etc in some people.