Ozone is  an ideal method of removing pharmaceutical residue due t o the efficiency of breaking down the pharmaceuticals. The level of pharmaceutical compounds in drinking  water can be in parts per billion (PPB).  

Studies show that pharmaceuticals  in water may be responsible for some genetic malfunctions in animals and human beings.

Our Industry leading  technology has proven to be safe and cost - effective  sanitizing  approach for the pharmaceutical industry.



♦Utilizes a short contact time.

♦ Generated onsite, and thus, there are fewer safety problems associated with  shipping and handling.

♦ Clean, safe, and reliable, taking up less space, and less equipment than many chemical treatment/storage systems

♦ No harmful residuals that need to removed after ozonation   because ozone decomposes to oxygen. 

♦Saves money by eliminating the on-going chemical costs.

♦ Micro-pollutant removal and eliminates the need to add process  in the treatment stream  with future regulations.

♦No disinfection by products.

♦ No required flushing of t he system.

♦ No chemicals are added to the facility's waste stream.

♦No chemical transportation/ storage.

♦Quicker sanitation : typical cycles  are reduced by 30% to 75%.

♦ Ozone can be turned off instantaneously by UV at 254 nm.

♦ Heat is not required.