Ozone has become known as a major health benefit to swimming pool users.

Chlorine - free pools have been in operation for several decades in Europe.

Ozone is an effective  disinfectant killing bacteria, viruses, spores, mold and algae.

Ozone can be used alone to treat pools and spas or can be combined with sodium bromine to provide a residual in pools that are not  continuously recirculated.By treating  water with ozone, the bio degradation of natural organic matter (NOM) is increased. Our industry leading technology provides all of the necessary  ozonation power to purify, oxygenate, and sanitize swimming pools, jacuzzis, ponds and water parks.



♦Broad  Spectrum pool sanitation
♦ 3000x stronger than Chlorine


♦Ozone helps destroy harmful substances, colors,  odors, and microorganisms directly without harmful by products or the  creation of residue.

♦Ozone will also help remove tensides, phenols,cyanides and discolorations from waste water.

♦Dissolved ozone flotation (DOF) is a new advancement that makes Dissolved Gas Flotation (DGF) systems  more efficient for wastewater treatment.

♦Ozone Solutions systems are ideal for a wide array of  industries including pharmaceuticals, textiles, automotive, and many others.

♦The benefit s of ozone combined with Our industry leading  technology and service provide you a powerful  choice for waste water disinfection  including  treatment  of complex industrial waste.