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Air Sterliser

Removes all odors, microorganisms. Provides a clean fresh environment without the use of any kind of chemicals etc., More.

Room Ozone Generator

Odor removal, Vegetables & Fruits Washing, Gardening, More

Lab Ozone Generator

This generator takes in Oxygen as its feed gas from a medical grade Oxygen Cylinder More

Industrial Ozone Generator

It ozonates Poultry, Swimming Pools, Aquaculture - Fisheries and Aquariums More

GRP Industrial Generator

Used for Drinking/ Bottled  water, Waste / Effl uent / Se wage water, cooling towers More

Water Purifier

UV plus OZONE purified clean drinking water.All schools, hospitals, other large offices can benefit from this clean and pure drinking water More



Eco Friendly

Washing Vegetables & Fruits, Removing  all odors, microorganisms, Cleaning of  Waste / Effluent / Sewage water


The Newest Technology

OZONE GENERATOR  takes in Oxygen as its feed gas from a medical grade Oxygen Cylinder /and-or an Oxygen Concentrator( as the case may be). Oxygen is then converted to Ozone using a Corona Discharge Effect.


High Quality

UV plus OZONE purified clean drinking water. Highly effective bacterial elimination, viruses and sanitizes.


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Ozone is an oxidant. Ozone (O3) is also known as “activated oxygen”, or “triatomic oxygen”,

contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms we normally breathe.

Ozone is the second most powerful oxidant in the world and can be used to destroy bacteria, viruses, and odors. Ozone is a gas at ambient temperature and pressure with a strong odor.Ozone can be produced as a gas from oxygen in air, or concentrated oxygen.

This Ozone gas can be dissolved into water, or used in the gas phase for a variety of applications discussed in this literature.









 Ozone produces free radicals that attack carbon-chain molecules that make up cell wall membranes and the carbon-chain bonds that make up many surfactants, emulsifiers and detergents found in wastewater.

In addition, ozone is highly effec-tive in oxidizing and destroying odors, viruses, molds and bacteria.

For example: as ozone comes into contact with bacteria, the ozone molecule attacks the cell wall of the organism

and breaks it down in a process known as cell lysing. Once the cell wall is penetrated, the cell’s cytoplasm is released and

the cell expires almost instantly. Ozone attacks the microorganism like a shotgun, bursting their membranes and spilling their contents.



The Biotex is a international Lab and Research center, founded in  the year 2000.

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Ozone therapy has been utilized  and heavily studied for more than a century. Its effects are proven More


Clean Ozonated water improves  water consumption, milk  production animal growth, and reproduction while More


The use of ozone in the dental industry is a growing trend. Disinfection of the  dental waste  (such as saliva, blood,   More


More effective than chlorine in destroying viruses and bacteria Utilizes a short contact time No harmful  More


Ozone is an ideal method of removing pharmaceutical residue due t o the efficiency of breaking down   More


Ozone has become known as a major health benefit to swimming pool users.Chlorine – free pools have More

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